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Season 2 - Better Stories

"If you never challenge your stories you will never realize a better story."

In year 1 we explored a wide range of personal stories from people in various walks of life.  There are several takeaways from the first year.  First, there is a lot value in our own personal story and I believe it to be an untapped resource for most of us.  Second, there are broader ways to live life well, even really well than I had previously believed. I also became more fascinated with story itself and wanted to explore questions like:

  • What is a story?
  • Why are stories important?
  • What elements make the best stories?
  • How do you tell/write/create a better story?
  • What are the creative processes in story creation?
  • How did you get into storytelling or story creation?
  • Are there better ways to utilize story?
  • What can you do with your personal story to improve life?
  • How can we be a better storytellers?
  • How do we better share or promote betters stories out to the world?
  • What’s changing with stories as they intersect with technology going into the future?

I also feel more compelled to extend this work outward to help others and hope to get out better tools and helps.  So join StoryHinge in the creation and utilization of better story.



About Us

Season 1.

"If you never challenge your personal beliefs and assumptions you will never realize the happiness and meaning life has to offer."  

We believe that exploring foundational ideas and beliefs through diverse personal stories is instrumental (not to mention super fun) in order to discover more meaningful paths, greater happiness, and accelerated growth in one’s life.

We are passionate about learning, improvement and growth.  We are fully committed to helping others find more of their own “success” in all aspects of life. Even as a building needs a solid foundation in order to be a sound structure we love to uncover life’s foundational concepts and practices on which to build a more solid life.

We love stories.  We believe that stories are a most powerful way to learn and transfer meaning.  Additionally, we think that everyone has a beautiful story with value that needs to be shared.  Armed with that belief and passion we are helping people share their story so that others might find more foundational bricks on which to build.  In this manner we believe that we will all be able to create our own more beautiful story hinged together.

We invite you to come join us in our journey to help you on your journey.


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