#42. Kim Interdonato

Kim Interdonato lives in Long Island, New York .  She is 46 years old and is a single mom.  She has a cool energetic 8 year old son.  She was a competitive figure skater as well as being a skating instructor for over 25 years.  Currently, she mainly teaches power skating / hockey.  She absolutely loves  her job.

She wrote SHOES ARE LIKE MEN after a breakup and was very down about my dating and life.  One day after a lunch with a girlfriend she told her to look at my dating like trying on shoes.  With that spark Kim took a long drive to the Hamptons and came up with the concept for the book.  Now she is nearing her 2nd book that will be out in a few months called HEELS & HOCKEY SKATES. In it she captures a female’s perspective working in the male dominated sport of hockey.




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