#35. Maximiliano Campos

At the age of twelve Max and his family moved to the USA from Brazil seeking a better life on the land of opportunity.  It did not take them too long to realize that the American dream differs from the American reality..  A few months after Max moved to the US, he lost his vision due to Retinitis Pigmentosa which is  an eye condition that affects 0.025% of the US population.  With no sight and no language, he had to work three times harder than everyone else. Not only that, but he had to deal with the system that did and still does an unimaginable injustice to individuals with disabilities.  It is very easy for anyone to quit at any given time. Max could have given up and simply quit. He could have, but he did not. He preferred to struggle and strive.


With his passion and love to help others  and serve humanity, he obtained a Bachelor’s  degree in psychology and a Master’s  in social work.  As an intern he worked with both  of the local and international communities during his five years of service in the mental health field.  Most importantly, Maximiliano Campos is the host

and creator of the Blind Hour Podcast.  A show created to advocate for the rights of individuals with visual disabilities, and educate people through  his humorous and genuine approach  to day to day life. In addition to the podcast,  Maximiliano Campos is working towards other projects through which he aims to empower the disabled community by helping  its members see their ability to break the barriers that block their ways, as well as  encouraging these individuals to defy social and cultural expectations.


iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/the-blind-hour-podcast/id1060368525?mt=2

SoundCloud feed: https://soundcloud.com/blindhour

Facebook Podcast: https://fb.com/blindhourpodcast

Facebook Documentary: https://fb.com/blindhourdoc

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