#30. Kevin Delaplante

Kevin deLaplante (https://kevindelaplante.com/) worked for twenty years as an academic philosopher, earning tenure and eventually becoming Chair of the Department of Philosophy & Religious Studies at Iowa State University. He left academia in 2015 to work full time as an independent educator, speaker and consultant specializing in critical thinking skills.

Dr. deLaplante has an undergraduate degree in physics from Carleton University and a PhD in philosophy from Western University. Over the course of his academic career he taught a wide variety of courses in logic and scientific reasoning, critical thinking, the philosophy of science and ethics.

Dr. deLaplante is the creator of the Critical Thinker Academy (criticalthinkeracademy.com), a tutorial site that hosts video courses on critical thinking, logic and argumentation, fallacies, probability, cognitive biases, and argumentative writing and communication. He is also the host of the Argument Ninja podcast (argumentninja.com), where he explores new approaches to critical thinking education.

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